By Diarised


I was back on campus again so spent my lunch hour exploring various bits of campus I haven’t seen for a while.  A lot of tree felling was taking place because of Ash Dieback.  And various new buildings and pathways have sprung up to accommodate new research centres and provide more accommodation.

We were entertained by a clever work colleague who made an excellent short silent film. Our boss wants everyone to use a photo in Teams/Office messaging as some people have just their initials showing not their pic

He said that he appreciated that not everyone would like the idea but said none of us would walk around the office with a paper bag on our heads so why would we be shy about photos in our online space. Then he made the comment that he’d give a fiver to the first person he saw strutting around the office beneath a paper bag.

He should have know better than to issue the challenge! My colleague made the most enchanting black and white film entitled L’Homme des livres which shows paper bag man hard at work in the library. After a hard day’s work he is hungry, but also penniless! But thanks to the offer of a fiver from the boss,  good old paper bag man can afford to treat himself!  It was a lovely little film and made us all chuckle.

I’ve snapped a still of Paper Bag Man so you can admire him :)

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