Blowin' in the Wind

I was strolling through Roman Road market and noticed that the dresses on this stall were being blown like the banners at Glastonbury. The man on the stall didn't mind me taking pictures for a minute or two but then said time was up because I was affecting his trade. Not sure how but I took the hint and moved on. 

The escapade turned into a café crawl with an excellent coffee in the Syrian café in Brick Lane where the nice man gave me a complimentary baclava. I sat in the open window and people watched for 20 minutes while listening to the call to prayer on the speakers. Then back through Bethnal Green and as I was passing Billy's  the Turkish maitre d' spotted me and shouted Hello! So I had to stop for a cuppa and a sandwich (extra).

Who needs long haul holidays when you can get an exotic experience like this on the doorstep?

Oh, and as I was riding across Hackney marshes I heard the mellifluous tones of a saxophone. Diverting I found this man (second extra) practicing a familiar tune. I had to ask what it was and he advised that it was Paganini. Ah yes, I knew I recognised it and said that it was the theme tune to an arts programme on TV. We both thought about this and remembered that it was the South Bank Show. 

But he told me that he is a jazz musician rather than classical. As it was an alto sax I asked if he could play a bit of Charlie Parker, but he declined. But it was nice to hear the sound of music blowing in the wind over the marshes.

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