Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham

Abstract Landscape

A warm day with intermittent sunshine and a nice breeze...mostly interrupted by work to our alarm system which necessitated the alarms going off at regular intervals!

Our day started with a group of ramblers rambling through the garden despite the organiser having been told a few days ago, whilst on a reconnaissance walk, that that was no public right of way. Luckily for them it was hubby who’d spotted them from a distance...had it been me I’d have given chase and volunteered a piece of my mind!! I saw them this afternoon when getting my blip...this time, after some discussion, they opted to carry on down the main road home instead of through our garden.

I used the AvgCamPro app to take a multiple exposure of one of the views at the top of the garden which was then suitably fartnarkled in Snapseed.

My extra is a seascape of Bass Rock I did last night after a trip out to North Berwick for fish n chips and an evening stroll.

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday.

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