Life through the lens...

By ValC

A reet good day out.

Couldn’t have picked a better day.
Warm sunshine with a light refreshing breeze.
Perfect walking weather.
Such a joy to meet up with our walking friends once again.
20 turned up today, the most they have had since lockdown.

We parked by Leathley church hall and then took the path past the beautiful Manor House.
Our first obstacle was Thrispin Beck.
After all that rain over the past couple of days the steppingstones were almost covered.
Certainly caused some amusement, but fortunately no one fell in.
( first photo shows Mr C who was one of the first to cross. You can see one of our friends decided to roll her trousers up,)

The ancient track then took us through Riffa Woods. A few more awkward stiles, and across a field full of cows with their young ones. We luckily all managed to cross the field and shut the gate just before they all came stampeding across the field.
( photo top right.)
Eventually we reached the hamlet of Stainburn, where we stopped in the churchyard for lunch. Sat on the grass in the shade.

Then on to another even smaller hamlet of Braythorne, where we went down a tree lined gully, quite rocky and slippery, to the beck. Fortunately here there was a small bridge.
Climbing up the other side I noticed this lovely beautifully repaired drystone wall.
(bottom left)

A few more tricky stiles, one of which had been blocked with a barbed wire fence.
Across a field where fortunately the corn had been cut.
Obviously the farmer doesn’t like walkers as the path must have been ploughed and planted over.

After another mile or so. More awkward stiles, and a bit of limbo dancing through a gate.
( see middle photo)
We reached the Washburn valley, with a nice riverside walk ( see last photo) back to the car.

Certainly an interesting and varied walk. ( 6 miles)
Great company, and lots of laughs.
Ad a reet good day out!

Must mention that we bought two masks from our friend Marie who has been making them for charity. £ 2.50 each, and beautifully made.So far raised £800. She is amazed! Well done.

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