By Colgaize82

Fab 4 (5?)

Liverpool today! It was another place on my day trip list as I’ve heard great things about the docks & the surrounding area & it must be about 15 years since I was last here.

It didn’t disappoint. What a cool place?! The architecture surrounding the docks is stunning: the Victorian pumphouse & warehouse buildings which line this area, combined with the Eastern influences, bringing a sense of opulence to the trade buildings & the 21st century clean lines of the capital one buildings were an absolute aesthetic delight!

I love Liverpool for its people too- everybody who we came into contact with were jovial, spirited & stylish.

We only made it halfway around the Tate before it closed but it’s given us a good enough reason to return again soon.

We didn’t make The Beatles Story on this occasion either but I was lucky enough to stumble across them in passing. Like me, they must’ve been out for an early evening stroll along the docks!

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