Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A change of scene

As the observant will note, I’m not in Kansas Dunoon now - it seemed wise to take the chance of a family visit before they are fully immersed in school/work/life, or, indeed before we’re locked up again. The view is of Edinburgh’s West End, looking across towards the castle in the light of a beautiful evening, despite the heavy shower that had fallen while we were at dinner.

Dinner was a lovely affair in Café Andaluz on George IV Bridge, at which I certainly ate and drank too much and revelled in the fact that I’d had nothing to do with it. Even the ordering - always quite a thing with 6 people - was done by the others; I sat and looked benign, like a proper grandma.

Afterwards, kitted as advised by fellow-blippers with supremely comfy flat patent leather ankle boots, I opted to walk home with my daughter-in-law, who chose the picturesque route to make the most of the pink sky.

Sight of the day? A cat café. Not open so late - but the cats were all having their tea in peace. Really. I saw them.

And now there is a cat keeping guard outside my bedroom door. I just hope he doesn’t bring us any offerings in the night ...

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