Spacey Pics

By Stacebob


After a busy and productive working day, I actually went out out, for the first time since lockdown started, and it was weird... Rich and I have only been out to shops twice, I think, since March, and otherwise just for short walks, so I was pretty anxious about being where other people are. For the most part it was fine; the pub was very well managed, with a one way system, app for ordering, hand sanitiser and lots of tables removed for social distancing, and it was absolutely wonderful to see my mates again. I haven't seen Addis for literal years so it was great to catch up. Unfortunately the anxiety didn't go completely away though and I found myself getting really annoyed by other people's behaviour. For example, there was a dude sat at the table behind us who twice chose to squeeze past Addis and Latham on the way to the loo, rather than going round the not-in-use-for-social-distancing table behind them. Still, hopefully this is a good step towards me being less paranoid and scared of the outdoors!

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