By feorlean

LD 152. The remains of the day

I needed a quiet day but first I had to dispose of the dreaded Ministerial box - the things your office says you must see and often approve , reject or comment on.

Then there were the usual responses to newspaper Sunday stories to be agreed . I also wanted to publicly congratulate my long standing and dear friend Roseanna Cunningham on her wise decision to step aside from parliamentary politics next year.

Elected Parliamentarians can only go at elections so the decision has to be made now or wait five years and that is the practical reality behind the press speculation.

That all done after a period of respite Cathleen wanted me to help move wood , cut down in the recent path clearing.

And then there was dinner to make and here it is - a warm salad of avocado and lemon sole with Parmesan.

So not quite as quiet as it might have been.

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