Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

The guys

Saturday evening.  

A corner of normalcy in the kitchen.  Conversations with Naboo. Hubby is assuring Naboo that he has had his supper, and even a little extra treat.  Naboo with his questioning tail is unconvinced and is going to check back in later.

Air quality not good most of the day; however, in the early evening there was some clearing which was so lovely to see.

To quote a friend:  Physically we are ok but minds and spirits are another story.

Again, for those not interested in the CZU fire situation, can skip here...

The 6 p.m. CZU Fire briefing said the pace of the fire was static, 67,000 acres, 5% contained, 0 injuries.  No water drops today as the smoke is making it impossible.

Firefighters from Arizona have arrived to help with this fire.


Sunday morning (8/23) and the 6 a.m. CZU briefing focused on the incoming thunderstorm that the representative from NOAA says to expect to arrive between 4 and 5 p.m. and to be active through midnight.  Critical fire weather for the next 24 hrs.  8% contained, 71,000 acres burning, 77,000 evacuated. 

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