Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


Got a text from Alison and her new friend Honey inviting me over this afternoon for coffee and to meet this much-anticipated arrival in Alison's house.

Honey is an adorable little kitten. She's confined to the main room downstairs for now, so we had to go through a bit of contortions to get through the door without letting her out. She GORgeous! She wasted no time hopping up into my lap and making herself comfortable and brightening the day with her contented purring.

After a while of that she went off in search of food and returned full of energy and mischief. She ignored the toys Alison had got for her and preferred to concentrate on an empty box instead. After lots of great chat over coffee and biscuits (laced with lots of 'aaahhh' moments) I somehow managed to tear myself away and returned home.

Lovely to meet you, Honey!

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