By dunkyc

"the light's winning"

Day two of our annual summer visit to the grandparents saw a staple of our journey’s down south, namely: the lazybones car boot sale.

My family has always been partial to a car boot sale (buying and selling) and with the weather being largely sunny again, we thought we’d squeeze in a visit before lunch at my sister’s.

The children clutching their pocket money from Nanny we set off in search of…..stuff. The Eldest went off with Nanny; in a move we would come to regret*, The Youngest with Grandad and m’boy with me. He has an eye for spotting Hot Wheels branded cars and had soon racked up a few along with a cool nerf gun for a couple of quid.

I really do love these places for the sheer range of people they pull in and also the utter crap that is bought and sold. For me as an Essex boy born and bred (now living in the north) there is comfort in hearing the “proper” en masse. For those northern chums who look on me as some kind of cockney barrow-boy, I would love for them to hear the accent in its native home! 

Weary and hungry after our wanderings we retired to my sister’s fabulously extended and homely home for a welcome slap up buffet including a pile of cookies and cakes. Together with her husband they’ve been planning and preparing for the extension for so long and now with only a little more painting and one room to finish, it is looking amazing. The bi-fold doors peel back seamlessly to bring the wildflower garden into the home. Whilst modern with clean lines, good light etc., the place remains homely and from the outside looking in, you probably wouldn’t expect to find what you do on the inside. It’s gawjus, dahhhhling!

Judging by the mess made and general charging about the place, the children seemed to like it too!

*as for the move we came to regret, in a stunning display of eye battering manipulation, The Youngest – owner of circa eight million stuffed toys – had convinced her Grandad to add four more to her collection. The piece de resistance being the specimen found in the extras. 

For those who can’t see this: it’s a pug. 

On roller skates.

Wearing a body warmer.

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