By wellsforzoe


We travelled to Misuku on Monday 17th August,2020 in the company of Harisen.

On Tuesday 18th August,2020 we started monitoring club nurseries, taking pictures and Gps coordinates showing positions where nurseries have been situated.
17 club nurseries were monitored. The selection of sites for  nurseries are quite okay as all the nurseries have been located close to water source for easy watering. Some seeds like msangu and Acacia spectablis we gave them at first place have just started germinating.

On Wednesday 19th August, 2020 we proceeded with nursery monitoring and 12 club nurseries were monitored.  The performance of these clubs is impressive as no club has just kept seeds and tubes at home but all has been sown.

On Thursday 20th August,2020 the area had three funerals including the one related to Matias our coordinator. Therefore we were completing filling forms and in the afternoon we went to natural forest where we took pictures of indigenous trees where we will discuss with Ignitious for botanical identification and naming as the local names differ depending on the area the indigenous trees are growing.

On Friday 21st August,2020 we distributed indigenous seeds.113,000  were distributed.  100,000 mthethe and 13,000 mwabvi seeds.
We taught the gathering about the seed treatment before sowing and importances of planting indigenous trees like water conservation, medicinal, timber, fruits and poles.
The farmers are very much willing to plant Indigenous trees and have committed  to support the indigenous forest project this season and the seasons to come.


The Youth club at Kasela in Kasungu doing potting today to sow indigenous seeds. The chairman of the club has send me those photos.  I thought you should know that Boss.

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