By wellsforzoe

Disaster: A puncture halts progress

26th  August 2020

Today we continued with nursery monitoring. We have monitored 8 nursery clubs and photos have been taken same as GPS coordinates for the positions where nurseries have been  done. 
At around 1pm when we moved on to see other nurseries the tube of our motorbike went flat so we had to push from the field to a trading center for mending. 
After mending when we moved at a distance the tyre becomes flat again so we pushed up to where we are lodging and we will buy another tube tomorrow morning to replace the old one. Today we didn't buy because we arrived late. 

However I linked up with  certain men for indigenous seeds collection.  I phoned them and they told me they have managed to collect 50kgs Mbula and 50kgs Mng'ona. 
Mbula are indigenous fruit seeds, we discussed, that some people make and use as porridge . 
Mng'ona is one the best hardwood trees. It is used for timbers and poles. I have heard that it's timber can last for more than 50years without being attacked by termites.

So the day had bad and good to it

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