By wellsforzoe

Forestry Report from Jolozi

26th August 2020.

Hello Boss,

Today we went to distribute seeds and monitor nurseries at  Jolozi. This place is very far from Mphompha. It took us two hours on a motorbike from Mphompha to arrive to this area. There the roads are impassable by vehicles and motorbikes. After we arrived at Jolozi we started footing (walking) and we have distributed to four clubs and we also monitored theie nurseries. 
The four clubs are Jolozi, Lutimu,Mukhala Njiwe and Chakupompha clubs.
The areas are very isolated so this exercise took us 4 hours.
The people are very excited and are very thankful for being considered in this project. This has never happened to the community, no development organisation has ever come to the area. Wells for Zoe has come so they are really excited.
Despite that it's for the first time to receive tubes but all clubs have done very well and no club has kept tubes in there houses.
We taught them the sowing process and the importances of the indigenous trees.
Mwabvi, mthethe and tephrosia seeds have been distributed.


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