By Adda

Big brother Majid

Went back to the fort area with farsidehues for some evening photography. Thought would get some shots of the backside of the fort and the tombs in the evening light but came back with something completely different.

A bunch of kids followed us as we went up the boundary wall of the fort. One of the kids - Majid (rightmost) was the one doing most of the talking with us. He was the one acting as a leader, or should I say a big brother to the rest of the kids. Majid seemed to be quite balanced and thinking young man. He gave us some insight on Islam prayers, greetings and some history about the fort. He also requested us to give them the photos that we took of the kids. He said it will be good to have some prints of their friendship. I will get these printed and give to them some time.

I didn't do much of shooting. Somehow I was enjoying the company of the kids who were completely stranger to us till an hour ago. I just sat there, talking to them and watching them laugh and play around. That's when Majid slapped these two kids on the head and instructed them to behave themselves. As we sat together watching the sun go down the horizon, their priest gave out a call for the evening prayers and they all took our leave, not before they shook our hands and took a promise from us to visit them again, with the prints.

It was indeed, an evening well spent.

More shots from yesterday morning and today evening are shared here.

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