Making another movie

This video team interviewed me today for a documentary about Jo Ann Hardesty. As her primary photographer from 2012 till 2019, I saw her make the transition from activist to policy-maker, and the documentary is investigating who she was before and after she was elected as the first Black woman ever to serve on the five-person council that governs Portland, Oregon. 

They asked good questions. Does power corrupt? Does working within the system necessitate compromises? Can a city official remain radical as a policy-maker, or must she weaken her demands in order to get buy-in from the other officials? Is it possible to maintain integrity and a public position? What about the clash between those who demand abolition of policing as it has been known in the USA, and those who want police reform?

It took me two hours to answer their questions. When it was over, I said, "If you use 22 seconds of this in the final version, I'll be surprised."

One of them laughed, "Will you be disappointed if it's only 21 seconds?"

Meanwhile the editing of Donna Hayes' play continues. I heard from the principal editor this weekend. They are still on schedule to release the video sometime in September. However the version they will release may just be the monologs and not the chorus interrupting the monologs. Editing the chorus into the piece will take more time. 

My apologies for the lack of comments on the last blip. I spent Sunday with Sue, and I wanted to give her my full attention. I will go back and comment. 

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