Artist at work

Young chap who is a member of Loughborough's Ladybird Collective, a group of young street artists, was painting this mural in the jitty next to Wilko's this afternoon. Really chuffed to snap him in action. Very nice afternoon in Loughborough. Len, Basil and I spent a pleasant afternoon in the sun outside Muffin Break.

Update on Tuesday. We lost internet around 7 pm Sunday evening and power not much later. We have several circuits in the house. As usual, some worked after power loss and some didn't. Len usually manages to fix it, but not this time.

0245 on Monday morning and we're woken by the shrill ringing of the house alarm. I struggle to remember the code and fortunately remember the right one but it doesn't work. I have to ring the chap who installed the system. Thank the Lord he answered the phone. The factory reset code didn't work. Then Len had to get up on a chair, unscrew the box housing the speaker and then disconnect the red wire all of which entailed searching for screwdrivers mostly in the dark.

At last, quiet, and we could return to bed.

Extremely grateful to welcome Steven at 1600 who fixed it all. Did I  mention frantic phonecalls to various people first thing to find an electrician?

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