By Viewpoint

What a view

A morning for packing up our things and leaving Danby for the time being (I’ve left some things so I’ll be back there soon.)
Also a morning for talking to the Coroners office and the funeral directors which was emotional and unsettling.  I’d talked with my sister via What’s App and took up her suggestion that I go for a walk/ take a cup of tea into the garden before I set off to drive home, which I did.  Danby churchyard has such a beautiful setting and it was a lovely morning after the rain.  How could anyone not want to stay here for eternity?  It’s making me think!

I’ve never noticed these Art Nouveau gravestones before (and I’ve wondered around a few times, being a bit of a graveyard obsessive).   I love the simplicity.

I’m home now, which has felt alright,, and my sister has stayed the night, which has helped enormously.

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