By Viewpoint

My courgettes have become marrows!

I’m not sure whether any children around here would like to create fantasy animal sculptures with them, I’ve seen some good ones at the Penistone Show in past years (it’s not happening this year).

I took the image to give me something with which to create a journal entry around and now as I sit here my mind is a blank!

A day for washing out the bird feeders and filling them up, cutting off the marrows (I don’t think another crop will develop).  I ought to pick beans!

Selecting some clothes for Ann’s burial and packing some others up in black sacks.  I’ve chosen Danby Churchyard, so the funeral will take place there next Thursday afternoon (Paula?)

A day for sorting out arrangements, sending messages, talking, and having a rest in the afternoon.  Will it hit me when all this activity stops?

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