Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Home: Beau's bake off....

There was a battle in the kitchen this evening. Sam had already been involved in placing the jigsaw of hard lasagne layers into his version of lasagne. Sams version is a bit like Ellas. Ella's method to cooking is have a root through the fridge and if it looks edible throw it in.

Sam's lasagne mix, bulked out with sams extras, (celery, carrot, courgette, spinach, along with the usual beef mince, onions, etc...) means it will last for 3 more meals. The lasagne dish will reheated with jacket potatoes for tomorrow nights dinner. The rest of the mix, that didn't make it into the lasagne dish will go into Ella's cornish pasties too.

Beau was busy at the same time making pudding cake. He was livid that he didn't get to help with the lasagne. The children call it pudding cake, because they can eat it hot with ice cream, then cold in pack lunches.

The children used complain of what they call, 'recycled meals' (meals that are made into other meals). The truth is that we have never had the budget that allows the children to be fussy. These days they enjoy the creative thinking into what else can be made from the same ingredients... I hope a skill for later life....x

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