Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Sollers Hope: Daily bread....


I think that bread was invented for sharing. It was never invented to be plonked in a cellophane lined triangular box and stacked individually on a shelf. A meal for one. A meal deal. It seems like a lonely deal. Even the humble pack lunch begins, certainly in our house with every one chipping in. Who is having what filling, and who is filling what loaf. My mum is possibly our packed lunch influence still to this date. She can make a simple sliced loaf look like a ready to go, feed lots and be happy to be unwrapped from its brown paper wrapping meal.

Historically bread was a shared. In a church the bread (or wafer, these days) shared in a holy communion. In a family, tearing off a chunk to dunk into soup or mopping up the gravy of the sunday roast. Its honest, hand to mouth food.

Hedonist bakery's bread lends itself to that concept. Their rustic loaves are tearable, hands on, and family orientated and made for sharing. Owner, Tosh's concept in pre frozen artisan loaves is very inspiring. Let the sharing begin......x

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