There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Golden Web

When I walked out the front door in the morning, conditions could only be described as phantasmagorical. There was mist everywhere, and then the sun hit the mist and infused it with light, such that it seemed to be glowing. Then the mist rose, roiled around, and began to disperse.

I grabbed my camera and ran across the road to a farm field lined with weeds and wild flowers. The spiders had really done some amazing work on the webs. The whole edge of the field was lined with them, and the dampness made the web structures more visible to the eye than usual.

When I looked at this photo, I marveled at the intricate design at the center of the web (upper right corner). In fact, it seemed to me like the schema for a tiny city, with streets and everything, all laid out. The tiniest little city of gold, secretly imbedded into one of the prettiest late August webs.

Here is a song for a tiny, golden city: Starship, with We Built This City.

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