By LornaL

August 26th 1940

Monday August 26th

I wonder if Damocles got so used to the sword suspended over his head that he ceased to fear it? I think we are getting like that.

Enemy planes were over here continually last night from about 9.45 when the Forces Programme* suddenly went off the air, but about 12 pm I got sick of listening for them and went to sleep. Seven searchlights were up combing the skies but the clouds were favourable to aircraft and they didn’t catch any in the beams.

There were widespread raids** reported this morning (August 27th).

Next Sunday will be the first anniversary of the war.

*The BBC Forces Programme was established at the start of 1940, primarily to appeal directly to servicemen. It broadcast drama, comedy, popular music, features, quiz shows, variety and news. For general information, see the Wikipedia entry at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Forces_Programme. To see the list of programmes that Lorna listened to on this date, the schedule is available at https://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/schedules/forces/1940-08-26.

**The Battle of Britain Society has published a detailed record of this period of World War II. Sunday August 25th to Thursday August 29th 1940 is covered at https://www.battleofbritain1940.net/0030.html.

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