By LornaL

On a Flanders field

At a first glance this just looks like old photograph of a mother and two smiling children out on a country walk. In fact, it was taken near the French town of Bailleul, two miles from the Belgian border. This field is likely a battle site from World War I. Here we see Lorna aged 6, her mother Topsie, and her brother Theo.

Lorna and her family visited northern France in 1920. From the set of photographs that we have from this time (including the shot that we posted on 13th May 2020), it looks like Lorna's father Albert was invited there two years after the end of hostilities for activities related to his service in World War I.

There is more information about Bailleul in World War I at https://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/battlefields/gazetteer-of-the-western-front/gazetteer-of-the-western-front-bailleul/.

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