A day in the life

By Shelling


My evening stroll led me to The Garden, now in full bloom. The lighting was pleasant and the scents meeting me at the gate was truly enchanting. I normally don't use that word but next to the entrance is a lot of huge Trumpet flowers and when I stuck my nose in one of them something happened in my head for a few seconds, the scent lit up a certain area in my brain and I could 'see' the smell -but I can't describe it. You can see one of them in the second extra, in a very nice light.

The ants has found a Hibiscus to climb on and whatever they found in it, they seem to like it there. The first extra shows the fireworks you're met by at the entrance.

Nearly all day has been filled with planning my job as an entertainer in the seventeen old peoples homes. The time it takes is frustrating because it's so difficult to get hold of the right person. The first person I get hold of, almost at once, proves to be the wrong one but leaves me a direct phone number to the right person, who is never answering. Then I ring back to the first person again, who has gone for the day. Well, you get the picture. Seventeen of those little incidents... 
I'll be on it again tomorrow. If I don't write anything tomorrow, I might have gone mad.

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