A day in the life

By Shelling

Hang loose

Apparently we see the fruit of the early spring now. In this south east part of the country we had a very early spring, almost a month early. The trees got going due to the higher temperature and also set bloom early, much earlier than the pollinating insects had started to work so there were nobody there to pollinate. Then came som frosty period and some drout after that. According to the garden experts all this has led to quite a lot of fruit but it's small and grows in clusters which made it easy for worms and other insects to attack the fruit. 

The fruit falls off before it is ready to but apples and pears already has worms in them. Lying on the ground they are an easy meal for flies and wasps. I pick the best apples from the ground to store it for apple must. As long as they don't starts to rot they are good for making must. 

My planning for my concert tour in the old people homes went well today and all is ready to begin on Monday. Every concert has to take place outdoors due to Corona so I'm hoping for mild weather and none or little rain. Wish me luck.

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