Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Rare Bird

Finally, a cooler day!  Which made the walk with my friend this morning in a wetlands area so enjoyable.  We ran into a half dozen birders along the way who helped us spot several rare (for our area) shorebirds that were in the marsh, along with both a Snowy Egret and immature Little Blue Heron (again, both rare this far north and inland).  No help needed spotting this Glossy Ibis who was flying around from one spot to another foraging.  Although the light wasn't in my favor and the distance not optimal, I am happy enough with this shot and feel its a good one to mark the day.

It was too cool for many insects but just as well since I had the 300 lens with a TC on board - not ideal for insects.

When I returned home, I pottered around outside for a bit, tended to my happy monarch cats,  had lunch with hubs, worked on my photos and then took an alarmingly long nap.  I've been very tired lately which I attribute to continued sinus problems. 

Hoping to maybe get the kayak out tomorrow but watching the weather as there is a chance of severe thunderstorms.  So, we'll see.  

Happy to say that all the birders we encountered today had masks.  We were mostly all a fair distance from one another but when we got closer, the masks came right out.  For a society that, six months ago, never wore masks, I think we've taken to it quite well.  Well, at least some of us have.  

Thanks for the kind words about MIL.  Hubs zoomed with her today and she was chipper although tired.  We are optimistic.

Stay safe out there people.  Be kind and loving to yourselves and others.


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