Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


It would be hard for me to tell you what phase is my favorite in the metamorphosis of the monarch butterflies.  When they are just hatched and barely visible with the naked eye, they evoke a feeling of protectiveness.  But as they get bigger, they become...entertaining.  And when they get to their final instar, like this big guy, there is something quite charming about them as they eat with purpose and dedication. And then, there is the actual transformation which is, in a word, magical.  Finally to become a piece of stained glass art on wings.

I have taken other shots like this, and probably even blipped a few. No apologies though, because it is my hope that this makes you smile, if not laugh aloud.

We had a Zoom call with MIL's senior living facility.  They do weekly testing of all employees and, unfortunately, this week they came back with 6 positive (asymptomatic) and 3 "uncertain" and considered positive.  As a consequence, they are back to a full Phase Red throughout the facility.  Testing is being done on all residents, starting with those in long term care (where my MIL lives).  Contact tracing is being done on all positive employees (who are also in quarantine for two weeks).  We are keeping fingers crossed that all the safety measures that are taken place in the facility will have protected any resident from contracting the virus, most especially MIL.  A frightening reminder that this virus is still strong and moving sometimes silently within our communities.

Seems a good time to remind everyone to be safe, be kind, be loving...


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