After the Rain

Blimey, didn't it rain! It really was torrential for most of the morning and into the afternoon too. Cato had an appointment with the vet after lunch so we had to drive through the torrent to get there. Just dashing from the parking spot left him looking a little bit drowned. Everybody loves him there and the receptionist agreed he's even cuter now than he was 3 weeks ago! The vet showed us a picture of his kitten, also a ragdoll, so it was a useful visit and he was good enough to take the spikes off Cato's claws.

The rain had stopped by the time we came out of the vets and soon after we had a lovely clear afternoon. I didn't go far for this blip, just a mile down the road where I got a good view of the Dartmoor skyline over this field of barley. A large part of this field seems to have been flattened by the rain. I hope it will be able to spring back a little as it dries. The farmers are having a difficult time with grain harvests and it seems that we will all be paying more for our bread before long.

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