A Lucky Shot!

I was unsure where to go for today's blip but made a spur of the moment decision to take the drone with me. I decided to stop near the golf course where I knew I could get an aerial view of Teignmouth and the river. I prepared the drone for flight but found that I needed a new app on my iPad to fly it. I could have abandoned the idea but decided to put it up and fly blind (ie not being able to see what I was photographing). I couldn't see the view I was taking as there were trees in the way but I knew roughly where it needed to be pointing. 

So up it went, I adjusted the gimbal for a slight downward view and took a few shots, I also tried rotating the craft a few degrees in between three shots. Of course I had no idea what I'd got until I got them on the computer and was surprised to have a spot on panorama. I was also surprised how good the light was as it seemed fairly dull where I was.

I have updated everything now!

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