By Arachne

Not a Picturehouse

An important attraction of my new home is that it is very close to my favourite cinema. The Ultimate Picture Palace is truly independent - a chain of one - and shows good new films about two weeks later than everywhere else which allows those slow on the uptake, like me, to find out what's going on and catch up. UPP also shows foreign language films, classics and forgotten gems. I've been a member for years but have failed to take advantage of everything it has to offer. I was looking forward to having it within easy walking distance. Then came Covid-19. 

Obviously UPP was under far more serious threat even than cinema chains and I was really concerned that we might lose it. And really heartened when its crowdfunder surpassed its £18,000 target then its £34,000 stretch target, and ended up raising enough, it seems, even to repair the fabric of the building. Over 55 days it raised more than £1,000 per day. The average donation is under £5 but 1,324 people care enough to contribute something. I really hope it can re-open as planned next month and that I feel safe enough to go.

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