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Signs of home

This is one of the masts on top of Corstorphine /Clermiston Hill. It's easy to spot and you can see the top of Clermiston Tower next to it. The tower is a memorial to Sir Walter Scott erected in the late 19th century. I've always thought there were two of these masts, but today I think I may have seen a third!
You can spot them even better at night as they have red lights on the top - to warn planes I presume. Having lived in this part of Edinburgh for around 3/4 of my life they have always been a familiar sight and a sign that I am near home. I can spot them by road as we come along the M8 or the A90 and also as the plane comes east along the Forth and turns south up the River Almond.
Today the weather has been rather better. Not exactly blazing sunshine but not constant rain either. I walked to D'Mains after lunch and dropped off some bible notes to a lady of our congregation, she's in her 90s, so I'm happy to help. Had a nice physically distanced chat with her, she's doing well.
Back home and a friend dropped in with some plums for us, bottling or freezing, that's the question!.
We were out again this evening, for a walk after dinner, which was when I took my blip for today. The nights, as they say, are fair drawing in.
Keep safe and well everyone and thanks for dropping by
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