By PicturePoems

Autumnal August Sunshine

... and a wonderful walk at the late Bronze Age/early Iron Age settlement at Blackdown Rings. Enjoyed superb dramatic cloudscapes (see Extras), a thin line of sparkling sea in the far distance, rowan and hawthorn berries, branches laden with apples, and purple heather. The only things I failed to photograph were the sheep, who looked freshly shorn and very clean.

If you look closely at the macro of gorse, you'll spot a bee. In the diagonally opposite corner is a whole bank of yellow gorse. And in photographing the abandoned farm tool (centre) I managed to stick my foot in a deep rabbit hole. Fortunately, Mr PP was able to pull me out. (I fear my yelp of surprise may have startled a family also walking in the area! Oops!)

I tried out a special effect on my camera called 'glistening water' before photographing the coastline on full zoom. The coast was a lot further away than it looks here. (See Extras.)

The roads weren't too packed considering it's a bank holiday weekend, but as we drove to Dartmouth earlier, we noticed that Blackpool Sands was packed, without being over-populated - good to see.

Enjoy your evening, blipmates.

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