If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


What a day!  No not a day for a daydream or even a daydreamin boy, more a sort of nightmare (apologies to Loving Spoonful).  Kanyl and I were booked to go away for a couple of nights to try out the camper and work out what extra equipment we needed to add or changes to make.  So I arrived packed and ready to go only to have the door opened with him still in his dressing gown!

It was pouring down (thank you storm Francis) so I quickly got everything from our car into the camper while he (equally quickly got dressed and ready).  Eventually we departed for the south of the county.  The rain continued.  We found our site but decided to leave things a while in the hope the rain would stop.  We had lunch in a layby beside Gait Barrow Reserve and discovered a small meadow reserve just across the road.

From there we wended our way to Arnside.  It still rained.  So we sat with a cup of tea and watched the world go by and the birds on the estuary.  Then back to the very pleasant little CL (Caravan Club "Certified Location").  By this time the rain had more or less stopped so we got set up and settled in for a quiet and pleasant evening.

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