An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Come on feel the noise...

Apologies for this very noisy photo of Banburgh castle but we were driving back from a coastal run, turned a corner and this was the vision in front of us.  

Snapped through a dirty car windscreen on completely the wrong camera setting, I have rescued it as much as I can as it was a magical moment :-)) Also witnessed a beautiful sunset (in extras) but nowhere to stop to properly capture it.

Those blippers who know my journal well will know I have been experiencing menopausal insomnia during lockdown, sometimes not falling asleep till 4am.  Last night I was in bed just after 1am.  I slept soundly until 6am loo break, back to bed and slept till 10 to 12.  Yes you read the correctly.  TEN TO TWELVE!  Turns out I don't have insomnia, just need a new mattress!  

David slept till 10.30am.  That is unheard of.  He's up by 7.30 every day.  Lola was still asleep too!  They need to bottle whatever is in the air here!  

David had had lunch by the time I was showered and dressed so he and Lola headed off to investigate local walks but ended up coming back for the car and venturing further afield.  Trying to stop near any of the beaches proved difficult as the car parks were full.  He eventually squeezed into a space on the roadside (along with a gazillion other cars) and walked through the sand dunes to the beach.  Lola had a ball but she had to be kept on lead for most of the walk as the beach was busy (relatively speaking) and she would have wanted to make friends with everyone!

Meanwhile I had a very late lunch and got myself set up at one end of the dining room table.  Just before we left home yesterday two new paint colours, an acrylic ink and granulation fluid that I'd ordered last minute arrived.  Had a play with them this afternoon and absolutely love the colours and how they interact with one another.  Can't wait to paint properly with them.

David and Lola arrived back with Nespresso pods for the coffee machine and a chocolate cake so I had coffee and cake because he made me it would've been rude not to.

We piled into the car just after 7pm for a quick drive to Beadnell and back.  David spotted lots of paths to various bits of coastline so Lola will be getting walked at 8am tomorrow in the hope he'll find a parking space more easily.  

Back to the cottage for chicken curry now have feet up and listening to a random playlist on Napster, which has taken one look at us and decided on a cheesy 70s selection!  Just had Brotherhood of Man singing Angelo and now got Smokie singing Living Next Door to Alice!  Jeezy Peeps!!!

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