An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Room with a view of a coo...or two

We've made it to Northumberland!  :-)))

We had a fairly relaxed start to the day till David gathered the luggage and all the additional extras we were taking at the front door and then the head scratching started.  How on earth were we going to fit it all into the car?  

I left him to it as I had the feeling my instructions helpful suggestions may not go down too well.  I was astounded when he appeared fifteen minutes later to say he'd not only got everything in, he'd even managed to squeeze in his smaller golf bag with a few clubs in it!  Well done D!  

With Lola and me in the car and ready to go, D popped back into the house to say his goodbyes to Alan and to speak to Jordan to make sure the team had our holiday contact details.  He then jumped into the driver's seat all smiley and de-mob happy and announced "right beautiful girl, we're off!"  I turned to smile at him, only at that point realising he was looking in the rear view mirror talking to Lola!  

We had only gone a mile up the road when David realised the air vents on his side of the car were blowing out hot air (mine were fine) We stopped to investigate but no matter what he set the temperature control at, the air was hot!  The car has been into the garage to get a problem with the air con fixed and is due to go back in as it's still not right, so this problem may be connected!  I turned my main vent towards him and I'm not sure what he did but he did something and between that, my vent, and opening the sunroof a bit, the temperature evened out and was fine.  The rest of the journey was very pleasant with blue skies and sunshine appearing as we passed the turn off for Dunbar.  

Just over two and a bit hours from leaving the house, we turned off the road into a little track road and followed it round a few bends till we reached a little row of cottages all facing beautiful countryside and the sea a little further on.  Beautiful.

Our cottage is the last of the row and has a large enclosed garden which Lola was more than ready to explore.  The blue sky and sunshine was deceptive though as we opened the car door and were almost blown off our feet!  

As we got out the car, people in the cottage two along were getting out of their car and Lola was very keen to make their acquaintance and ran over to them, with David bellowing at her to stop.  She was so torn between this exciting new people and David's command, but the woman said it was ok and called her over.  Dogs are certainly good ice breakers!  

We're relieved to find the cottage every bit as lovely as the website had us believe (we had a horrible experience once many years ago so I always have that slight apprehension with a holiday rental) and we were soon settled in.  

Lola was so excited, sniffing everywhere and keen to go back out to the garden and make friends with the cows in the field that surrounds the house.  They just looked at her with a hint of curiosity and went back to chewing the grass.

David unloaded the car and once we'd unpacked the gin and wine essentials, I set about making mac n cheese for dinner.  We actually brought chicken curry that I'd made and frozen for dinner but it hadn't defrosted properly so we moved to Plan B.  

Lola has settled really quickly although she's a bit confused as to why her little friend by the window doesn't want to play (see extras :-))

Now enjoying a cuppa with a lovely piece of homemade shortbread left by the cottage owner and listening to Kate Bush.  David out for the count on the other sofa and Lola lying on the floor beside him.

Holiday bliss.

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