Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Cocoa Bean and Maple Sugar

First of all, picked up my cleaned camera this morning and it works!!!   Whew—it was just dirty.  Well worth the cleaning fee.  Certain blippers told me that might be the case!!

And just in time for the first meeting of our 2 granddogs….So much that is happening in our world right now is ugly that we have to really enjoy the fun things… The dogs have no idea about the world other than they are well loved.   Maple went crazy sniffing the whole big yard as it’s been so long since she was there.  Cocoa followed her everywhere! running, jumping at full speed.  And finally got more of her attention.  I heard Cocoa bark for the first time.  All the adults were grinning.   It’ll be great to have them up at the island….next year?…  Made a collage so you dog lovers out there get the idea of the fun.(extra)

2nd extra is part of the ugly.  George’s statue on the University of Washington campus, from the car.   I’m sorry but I think that’s going too far…I suppose someone wants this state to change it’s name now.  

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