Marsupium Photography

By magi


The day started with the usual Saturday procedure of cleaning the bathroom. Then walk into town to sit the Life in the UK test. I passed. After having lived in Scotland for more than half my life I found the test straight forward. I struggled with the sports people. I have simply no interest in sports. Art and literature were better. The section on how the UK works was straight forward. Unsurprisingly the history part was quite simplified and had a particular British (or even English) perspective. The Industrial Revolution obviously featured as did the suffragettes. However, the Labour and Union movements were totally missing. The book simply said that working conditions were improved. On the other hand there was great focus on the many wives of Henry VIII. The thing that struck me was the straight line from the Norman conquest in the Middle Ages to today.

Ah well, this part is done. Next is filling in forms and handing over a pile of money.

After the test I met Rowan in a lovely cafe and had a celebratory pint. Then walk home via another pub stop. We rounded off the day with a jolly evening with friends.

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