Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

It begins.

The weekend before Jerra and I took off I'd had yet another sortie into the Black garlic concept.
I had read that it was possible to DiY using a Rice cooker with a "Keep Warm" facility.  CLOWN didn't realise, until I read elsewhere, somebody mooting a slow cooker as an option.  I have a slow cooker.

Testing, testing; report my signal, over.  In goes the Max/Min thermometer for a day or three; result - Peaked at 67˚C (ish)
I put three, suitably wrapped, cloves in and gave them one of the 3-4 weeks required.  Tested yesterday, it had never risen above 65˚C - so soon one had lost its strong, pronounced garlic flavour and one was WAY too old/dried and merely desiccated more.
SO!  Today I started the real attempt.  IF it's going to be running for a month a couple of bulbs will "cook" as readily as six; therefore I put in six, rather than the three I ran the test with.

For the umpty-third time - "We shall see."

N.B. I have not used the two seen in the extra - just boasting with them.

BTW - it's not yet up to working temp.

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