PROOF of suspicion.

There's more than "Grey Tree-Rats" a bit on the agile side.  A few days ago I thought I saw a suspicious movement near the bird feeder.
NOW I know I did.  Break out the Warfarin©.  Any other potential blips CAN be repeated; THIS, I sincerely hope, will not.
Damthing had to shin up about 4' approx 1.5 mtr s/he then, managed to get from "here" across into the far right "Fat-log" feeder while I "blinked". 
It appears to operate from a different base than the last one I "warfarined".

FYI - I happen to HATE "different than" and "different to"; but couldn't, with a straight face and clear conscience, sanction two "froms" so close in the same sentence.

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