... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Yellow-billed Duck

Prettier plumage patterns in large.
Extra: Maned ducks under Eucalyptus

Mum, Im, and I went to the Wetlands Centre in the morning. I still only have the little Canon, so that made me take different (and rather fewer) photographs. I found it trickier without the reach of the 70-200mm, but we had a nice time, and I got some different sorts of shots.
I've not blipped a yellow-billed duck before, so that's an even better outcome... The emperor geese (well, all the tundra geese) were being super snoozy (they didn't rouse at all), and I couldn't get anywhere near them while staying on the paths, so that ruled them out for their (usual) blip spot.

Others here (or right from Secret passage)
p.s. The mallards and most of the dabbling ducks seem huge after having got used to the little little duckules at home...

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