By pensionspoet


I had a much better night sleep - in fact everyone did- without the banging gate! Once I eventually looked at my phone, I found a lovely message from a childhood friend Isabel, offering to help out with our trailer/wood mountain predicament. After a quick chat with her, it was all sorted to leave the trailer just up the road on her parent's farm. We will be back in 2 weeks, with new tyres to collect it. They have even offered to burn the wood. I feel blessed to have the friends I have, and even when contact is sporadic, because we all have such busy lives, and are spread out across the country, my real friends are always there to help us.

We drove slowly up to the farm, where we had a lovely catch up with Isabel's mum and dad. We left the trailer and went back to collect our bags from mums, then after a coffee, headed back home.

Home a bit before 4. Did a bit of pottering, mostly deadheading plants and trying to tidy the flowers. Sunflowers are falling over, and my pea sticks aren't thick enough to make them stand up. I will do more tomorrow. Put a lawn feed across the lawn. We've been waiting for a dry day. Then I put the dinner on, and cycled up to the allotment. Hens are so happy, even Minnie had laid an egg. Picked all the veg I could see including 2 sweetcorn (which is probably all there will be!) a few more courgettes and tom's, plus beans. All coming to an end. I want a day doing little tomorrow. I think we need a rest, but I may go up there for a little while- it is very untidy.

Had roast chicken with home grown boiled potatoes, and beans. Now watching a film called Knives Out with Jon and Moll. We can stay up late - its bank holiday weekend!

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