By dunkyc


For the final day of our holiday it mostly rained and looked set in for the day.

Not being able to venture too far afield (stoopid mutha flippin, plopper of a boiler repair company - apologies for the language) and with nothing particularly of indoorsy type fun open, I booked myself and the wee ones a ticket for Kendal museum.

It’s a curious little place and doesn’t take long to wander around, but it was a pleasant hour looking at some of its weird and wonderful offerings.

I snapped this picture on my phone, which is playing up a bit at present, so I couldn’t see right away what I’d taken. It’s only when I looked after that I could see that m’boy had really committed to the “look scared’ direction.

As for the youngest, well, she looks pretty much exactly as I would expect: excited by the prospect of being attacked by a polar bear.

It’s been a brilliant family focussed few days and as the sun is to Superman, so my children are to me. 

Feeling fine and ready to keep moving forward!

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