By Yorkshirebred

Just Sunday

Missed the Zoom church service as I always forget that it is  earlier than our normal church time, plus at first I wasn’t even sure it was Sunday!  Was in a “humph” kind of mood all day.  Intended to go to see the scarecrow festival, but then decided it was no fun alone so didn’t bother.  Decided to ring a friend I haven’t seen for some time -  got the husband as she was out.  Decided on the recipe to cook for tea, then realised I hadn’t got the chicken out of the freezer.....and so it went on!  Oh well - out into the garden and watched the bees for a while (yes I was that bored!!).  Found a poor Speckled Wood butterfly which must have been caught inside the conservatory and expired.  The bees were going right up inside the fuchsias to get the polllen.  The apples look almost ready to pick, and the Snowberries seem to be out very early.  Oh - on the upside I did make some more damson gin - the damsons which are left are too high to reach now - will have to watch for them falling.  Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday - wonder if we will get some sunshine?

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