By Ridgeback13


A day of meetings and other work ....
Just before one meeting started Mt phoned to show me Mx dressed in a an old rugby shirt that Mt used to wear and that he’d found when we cleared the loft. Mx was very pleased with himself having something to show me, and with it. He was particularly delighted with the ‘lines’ on it....guess he’s not used the word stripes before. He kept lifting the front up to show me that the lines were inside too. Cute!
Given Mx already looks like his Dad it threw me back more than 30years....really felt like I was seeing Mt as a toddler running around the room. After work I ferreted about in old photos, convinced I had one of Mt wearing the top but I couldn’t find it...I’ll have to keep looking!
Supper and a lot to prep for for tomorrow...but struggling a bit with the usual evening sore throat....how come I have one every evening (or so it seems) yet feel fine in the day time?!

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