Pictorial blethers

By blethers

From sunrise to moonrise ...

It's been a long day, and still I've not managed to see the posts of the lovely people I follow on Blip, because it's now almost midnight and we're up early for the electrician to come and fix the lights over my kitchen worktop before another winter of peering at recipes under yet another burned out tube ... A long day, because something woke me at precisely 6am in time to see the dramatic red line of light that is the focus of my first extra photo, a light that had me pad through to the study to find my phone and do the customary suicidal hanging out of the window trick ... And while I'm at it, the other extra is of the moonrise, slightly to the south of where the sun first appeared 14 hours earlier. We were just finishing dinner when a text pinged in from a friend whose windows face directly over the firth: Have you seen the harvest moon? It's good to have friends who know your obsessions.

In between there seemed very little down time. I had my last online Pilates class at 10am - next week we're back in the studio. Our teacher seems to be scheduling the class half an hour earlier than when it was face to face before; that'll be trying for a night-hawk like me! After some coffee I noticed that Mr PB had been cutting the grass while I stretched and puffed upstairs, so I felt moved to do a bit of hoeing to match the new tidiness. We'd just settled to some lunch outside when texts started telling me of a family/school/potential Covid scare event and that was the end of peace of mind for that part of the day.

My remedy for stress is always the same: get out and exercise it away. We did that by leaving the car in my pal's garden and walking round in a big circle that takes in shore road, back road, forest tracks, hillside (quite a climb) and more shore road. We had an entertaining chat with a man who's renovating a magnificent old house beside the forest - he turned out to be a long-ago FP with memories of people we'd worked with - before the soothing peace of the forest and the magnificent views down the Firth of Clyde from the top of the hill.

But I've chosen to blip a completely new view for me: taken from just inside someone's driveway on the road through Strone, with Strone pier in the distance and the blue sky over the golden pampas grass, which is outrageously furry. We'd walked about 10k over the hill, in my case fuelled only by a bit of brown bread and a banana, and we were pretty tired. No energy left for angst ...

Readers of yesterday's blip post may be amused to know that my expressing the same view - that the instructions on masks in different venues are anomalous - on a church page on Facebook created the most huge tail of comment. People stop reading what you actually wrote and start making wild claims about perceived anarchy...

Ah well.

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