Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Making a choice

I met Carl at his house-that's-a-building-site to follow up on our earlier visits to wallpaper shops, this time with sample books. The builder is putting pressure on to make a decision so that the decorator can move in. It would have been better if the floors had been laid and skirtings put in and walls dried out, but it's still very much a building site. Despite all that, we managed to narrow things down and choose paper for the main room and the bedrooms, despite having seven or so sample books to look through.

Done there, we continued on to Carl's mother's place where we were on kitchen duty (well, 'we' turned into 'me' as things turned out, and I knuckled down to prepare a recipe of hers which I'd really enjoyed before — pork chops in Ginger ale). Thankfully, the meal turned out really well and we ended up with clean plates. Not so thankfully, there were moments of indecision afterwards with Carl becoming unsure about the wallpaper choice made earlier, but we ended up more or less agreeing to stick to our guns.

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