By LornaL

September 1st 1940

Sunday September 1st

Today, a year ago Germany attacked Poland. It seems like another life, it is so long ago, and so completely impossible does it seem to recapture the mood of a time when we were at peace. What will have happened by this time next year?

Theo and Renee* came home for Theo’s first leave since last December. They arrived at about 8.30am, having travelled all night – a somewhat sticky journey.

Another piece of French Territory has joined General de Gaulle.

85 German planes downed yesterday and 22 today – a pleasing total of 107 to add to our batting averages.

*Lorna's brother and his wife. They married the year before war broke out on 18th June 1938. We blipped a photo of their wedding party - which included Lorna - on 10th October 2019.

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