Marking Time

By Libra

Gifts from the hedgerow

Ever since I did my online drawing course I have taken to collecting stuff from the hedgerow to bring back into my studio (that is a grand name for our conservatory).
Today its flowers, rowanberries and a pigeon feather, all ideal source material for drawing.
While out walking today met some neighbours. 
We got talking about the forthcoming migration of swifts and swallows and we marvelled at the wonders of nature.  They have seen swifts nesting up at the reservoir.
Within weeks of hatching swifts will fly, never to land again for another three years, and then in order to mate. They will fly to South Africa and return eventually to the same locality were they were born.
Many people have already noted that as a result of the pandemic we are all more aware of our local environment and the rhythms of the season. 

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