Unlike Ernie Wise's wig?

I CAN see the join. 
I was short on inspiration, plus I wanted to record the progress of "Orchid Four" after a fortnight. 
I suggest you avoid "Large"; I wasn't happy about the not-quite-black background - SO - I took a leaf from Capt. Jean-Luc Picard's book and promptly "made it so".  Problem - a bit hard to exactly follow all the stems.  Consequently I had to steal about 25mm of stem from a different photo and glue them in here.
I suppose I/you could make it large and see how obvious it - not done that - YET.
I'm quite used to them re-flowering if cut at the right place/time, but have  never seen one branch quite thus. 
"Not only, but also"© I've never had one which insists on throwing each new flower from the centre with never a new leaf in sight. 

HUH! I see we have an American Spill chucker:-
Center? INDEED! NO chance matey.

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